About Us

Caraspect was founded in 2022 by Rickard to share his years of knowledge and passion about cars.

Rickards passion about cars is thanks to his grandfather who was a truck mechanic his whole life and loved everything with an engine and two or more wheels. At a very young age, Rickard started to hang out at his grandfathers garage. He still remembers sitting on a wood chair for hours just staring at his grandfather working on cars, boat engines or dirt bikes and asking silly questions. And as the years passed, Rickard started working on his own cars.

That love for cars is still with him today, and so is his love for writing and sharing his knowledge to others. And with over 15 years of experience working on cars, he wanted to create a trusted, high quality automotive blog that writes about auto repair advice, guides, reviews, and other related information.

Our main goal is to create a website where readers can find and trust the information shared through our articles.