How Long Does It Take to Drive a Mile?

If you are planning to hit the road or just trying to figure out how long it would take to drive a certain distance, you may ask, how long does it take to drive a mile? 

How long it takes to drive a mile depends on your average speed. Most roads have a speed limit of 25 to 60 mph, so you can expect it to take between 1 and 2.5 minutes to drive a mile with constant speed.

Whether you’re driving a car, motorcycle, or any vehicle, it all depends on the speed you’re traveling. So to figure out how long it takes to drive a mile, you will need to do a little math based on your average speed.

When driving, we are used to the speed being measured in miles per hour (mph), so a good way to calculate the estimated travel time is to use your average speed and compare it to an hour. For example, if you’re driving with an average speed of 60 mph, it means you’ll get 60 miles in one hour. One hour is 60 minutes, so it’ll take one minute to travel one mile.

Here are a few other examples:

  • 25 mph = 1 mile every 2 minutes and 24 seconds
  • 30 mph = 1 mile every 2 minute
  • 70 mph = 1 mile every 51 seconds

However, it’s not always as simple as doing the math on how long it takes to travel a mile if you’re going 60 mph. To calculate the time it takes to drive a mile, you need to take 3600 divided by your average speed. It will give you the time it takes to drive a mile in seconds.

Here’s a table of standard speed limits and how long it takes to drive a mile.

Average Speed:How Long It Takes to Drive a Mile
15 mph4 minutes
20 mph3 minutes
25 mph2 minutes and 24 seconds
30 mph2 minutes
35 mph1 minute and 43 seconds
40 mph1 minute and 30 seconds
45 mph1 minute and 20 seconds
50 mph1 minute and 12 seconds
55 mph1 minute and 5 seconds
60 mph1 minute
65 mph55 seconds
70 mph51 seconds
75 mph48 seconds
80 mph45 seconds
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