Online Homebuyer Education Courses - Framework and eHome America

Buying a home is a big deal. Do it right.

Once upon a time, buying a home was simple. Today, the game has changed. Whether you’re buying for the first time or the fifth, you need to be more savvy, more proactive. With homebuyer education, you can be. It’s not just about buying a home—it’s about staying in it. Research shows that informed homebuyers are successful homeowners.

Framework is the only online homebuyer course designed by experts in online learning. It’s comprehensive, so you’ll have all the facts you need to navigate every step of the buying process. And you can learn when, where, and how you like.

To get started, visit Framework. If you’d like to learn more first, watch below short overview video:




Our homebuyer education course is designed to be an 8 hour online course.

You register, pay, and take the course as your time permits, in your place and at your pace. Log in and out as many times as you need to.

Topics covered include:

Are You Ready To Buy A Home
Managing Your Money
Understanding Credit
Getting A Mortgage Loan
Shopping For A Home
Keeping Your Home and Managing Your Finances

To get started, visit eHome America and get nationwide education and counseling at your fingertips.